During the process of manufacturing our goods, we use recycled materials utilizing, among others, car parts, recycled glass and wood from building demolitions (intended to be used as firewoo ...


Husband and wife. Vacationing far from home, and far from our everyday routine. Time slows down, allowing us to focus on ourselves, our kids, the world, and other people around us. New place ...


We offer unique products. Each of our designs is incomparable and unmatched. Even if it’s designed according to the same original rendering, each product can vary, depending on the longevi ...


Rec.on brand gives recovered auto parts a new chance to shine again. Using a unique upcycling process, we transform used, unwanted parts into new, high-quality, functional designs, adding style and an industrial aesthetic to any interior.

The process of acquiring our materials is what makes our products one-of-a-kind. Each creation is marked with an individual serial number, and customers have the option to specify parts from their favorite car models. Our clients range from individuals, hotels, restaurants, clubs and businesses.

Our goal is to build stellar, sophisticated designs, all while promoting the essence of mindful creation to serve our customers as well as the environment. We want the process to be a learning and growing experience, and our hope is to develop lasting customer relationships with our clients, share creativity, and instill a trustworthy venture.

Paulina & Bart



REC.ON Studio creates modern, eco-friendly designs. Here you will find loft lamps and industrial accessories created from used car parts. You can choose from many available models of unique ceiling, floor or wall lamps. You will also find industrial tables, chairs or coat stands of distinct quality. Our products are a perfect match for loft, minimalist and eclectic interiors. Do you have a great idea for your own industrial piece of furniture or a lamp made from car parts? We will custom make it for you. Allow yourself to be seduced by REC.ON products.

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[ Artist Residence & Gallery of Upcycled ART ]

Welcome to a unique eco-friendly Artist Residence and Living Art Gallery in the UPCYCLED mission.

Project is located in the village of BOLAIMI at the foot of the mountains, in the Sierra de María-Los Vélez valley. 10 km from the charming, the 18th century Andalusian city of Velez-Rubio.

A unique project to create a Residence and „Living Gallery” of upcycled design, born out of a passion for nature, true ecology and good design. An autonomous oasis of peace and conscious living open to: artists, writers, travelers, digital nomads – people from all over the world, based on respect for nature, against waste and eco design enthusiasts!

The space in the restored buildings have been created a welcoming place for Artists and Writers. In restored 150 year old buildings we offer: a apartment for approximately 6 Residents plus workshop spaces that we customize for individual artists. (applications + reservations at

The whole of our area in or land  guests can admire and use  ART & ECO Installations prepared especially for them, such as: summer kitchen, tree house, hammock zone in the permaculture garden, eco shower, „summer bidons” with spring water.

The immediate area is a paradise for those who appreciate nature, hiking and biking, picking wild herbs and fruits, visiting historic pueblos.
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